Currently I am studying some geometrical properties of Banach spaces such as diameter two properties, octahedral norms, Daugavet property or almost squareness. I am also interested in the structure of Lipschitz-free Banach spaces and in the description of properties of the above spaces in terms of the underlying metric space.

Here you can get a copy of my preprints as well as a preprint version of my publications. Moreover, there are other files in “other things” such as my talks or my final master’s thesis.

My collaborators:

Ramón J. Aliaga

Julio Becerra Guerrero

Rafael Chiclana

Sheldon Dantas

Luis García-Lirola

Rainis Haller


Johann Langemets

Vegard Lima

Ginés López Pérez

Miguel Martín

Gonzalo Martínez Cervantes

Rihhard Nadel

Colin Petitjean

Antonín Procházka

José David Rodríguez Abellán

Pedro Tradacete

Ignacio Villanueva