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Here you can find other activities which are closed to my research such as my talks or another unpublished works.


Title: Geometry of Banach spaces with diameter two properties and octahedral norm.

Advisors: Julio Becerra Guerrero and Ginés López Pérez.

Date: September 16th, 2019.

Mark: Sobresaliente Cum Laude.

Mention: International PhD.

Link: here.

Slides of the defense: here

Progresses on the questions posed in the thesis:

  1. Question 6: An affirmative answer has been given in here, where a bidual ASQ renorming of l∞ is given.
  2. Question 7: It was solved in the positive for weakly countably determined Banach spaces here. By the results exposed in the thesis, some progress on Question 2, 2. can be derived.
  3. Question 8: It was solved in the positive for L_1-preduals here.
  4. Question 10: It was solved in the positive here (Theorem 2.8).
  5. Question 12: It was solved here (Corollary 3.4).


Other things:

  • Here you can download an electronic version of my master’s thesis (Spanish).
  • Aquí you can find a project about Eberlein-Smulian theorem for a bachelor course entitled  Teoría de distribuciones (Spanish).
  • Here  you can find a project about Daugavet property for a master course entitled Análisis funcional y teoría de la medida (Spanish).